About Us

AIH Holdings is a globally based organisation that offers services in agriculture, asset management, construction, energy and investments. Our company structure is built on three core principles namely; integrity, competence and excellence. With a highly diversified line of business services, we are committed to expanding our operations globally with the ultimate objective of meeting client’s needs.


AES was established in 1976 by late Engr Jibril Andu, a globally respected water engineer. The company has over the years evolved from a water engineering company to a fully diversified engineering outfit.

Green Acres

Green Acres Industries operates from its privately owned hundred acres of farm and Industrial land where it provides a wide range of agricultural activities which includes crop farming, husbandry, product processing and exports.


Pinewood Asset Management Ltd is an internationally based asset management company that specializes in Asset management, Real Estate development and Urban regeneration.

Our Companies

Our company operations cover Engineering, Asset Management, Agriculture, Energy and Investments.

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